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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

How "What If" Questions Feed Hopelessness

In a previous Hope Letter I wrote to you about hopelessness and how God's word says the only thing required for us to have hope is to be ALIVE, that's it (Ecclesiastes 9:4)! Anything else telling us the future will never be better than the present is a lie from the enemy.

Today, I want to continue addressing hopelessness and focus on something many of us do that feeds the demonic spirit of hopelessness. The well-known asking of "What if?" questions. What if God never heals me from this "incurable" illness? What if I carry this burden forever? What if person X doesn't love me anymore when I tell them my diagnosis? And the list goes on. All of these questions, question the future, but they question the worst case scenario of the future. The enemy has already placed the seed of hopelessness in our present and it grows when we project it into our future.

WHAT IF we read God's word and started to ask What If questions about His promises playing out in our future? Such as, What if God heals me? What if when God heals me, He uses my testimony to heal others? What if God's word is true and He loved me before I had this illness and He loves me now? There's nothing wrong with asking questions about our future, but whether we ask those questions from a place of fear vs. faith will have a major impact on whether we live a life of hopelessness or total hope in God, who will NEVER lie!

May your hope be in Jesus Christ,



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