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Friday, June 12, 2020

The Devil Attacks Because He's After Your Future

Dear Beloved,

When the enemy attacks, he's not after the thing he's attacking in our life, he after the table God has before us. Psalm 23:5 says God will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies; God will anoint your head with oil until your cup runs over. A prepared table is a symbol of honor and provision. God has a plan to use you to His glory, honor you, and provide and He wants the enemy to see it all. That table will mock the enemy who's been mocking you. It will shame the one that's been shaming you. The devil will have to watch as you are anointed, as God seals you and call you HIS OWN. This is the last thing the devil wants, so he attacks. 

In 2011, the devil saw how bound I was living for him already. God tried to separate me from the guy I contracted herpes from BEFORE I contracted (didn't know he had it the whole time). Things shifted in the relationship and it seemed like it was over. If I followed God's leading and left the guy alone, who knows what would've came next for me. Would I have given my life to Jesus that year? Would I have started a life changing relationship with the Lord? I don't know, but the moment I had the opportunity to be with the guy again I took it and contracted herpes. God wanted to save me, He wanted to free me. There was a table God had and the devil wanted to block me from it. Satan struck me with spirit of herpes to make my body ill, but the greater reason was to block me from God. Right after I received the diagnosis, I started to blame God and say He's punishing me as most people do. Then I stopped talking to God because I believed He wanted nothing to do with me. That what the devil wanted. He wanted me isolated and depressed. He wanted me to give up. He wanted me no where near that table God had for me in His presence. But look at the irony of God. The VERY THING satan used to deter me from God, is the thing God used to save me! The devil mocked me with the spirit of herpes. He sent that demon to shame and depress me. Yet God turned it around and used the enemy's weapon against him as I clicked on that woman's herpes healing testimony January 2, 2012. For the first time I was introduced to the love of Christ and God anointed me at his table! 

The devil's strategy never changes. Even as believer now, he's STILL after the future table God wants to set up in my life. In every season, there's a table God's trying to get us to in the next season. There's something God wants you to do, someone He wants you to reach, something He wants to free you from, but if the devil can attack your body, mind, family, circumstances to discourage you from getting there, he will. I encourage you to read Psalm 23:4-6. The valley in verse 4 is symbolic of all the attacks that are trying to kill you and take you out. But, RIGHT AFTER the valley, there's the TABLE God has prepared for you. God is waiting for you at that table in your next season. LEAN on His rod and staff of comfort and realize what the enemy's doing. Stand up in the word of God and declare Psalms 23:4-6 over your life. God IS preparing a table before your enemies, you WILL be anointed, and goodness and mercy SHALL follow you, in Jesus name!

May your hope be in Jesus Christ,


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