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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Voices Hijacking Your Hope

Dear Beloved,

God will met you right where you are. You're not too far gone. The Lord isn't over you. Sometimes it can feel like you're so out of reach, or even if God could reach you ,why would He want to. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to people because they can't relate to what you're going through. But I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, THAT HE GETS IT. No one knows you more than your Creator. So, when you experience pain, the one who made every fiber of your being is feeling it right along with you. 

I was watching an interview this week and this couple was asked: What's the hardest thing about being a parent? The wife responded, "Seeing your child hurt or struggle as they grow older and there's nothing you can do about it". I don't believe that response is unique to her, in fact I've heard my own mother say similar things. If imperfect, sinful humans hurt when their children hurt, how much more would the perfect, holy God who actually created all of us in heaven? One of the places we see Jesus hurting with his creation is in John 11:35 where the verse simply says, Jesus wept. This occurred when his friend Lazarus passed away and Lazarus' sisters along with the village were deeply saddened and in mourning. Jesus related to their pain and cried with them (though he knew he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead, he still hurt as they hurt from the loss). 

The beautiful thing about God is that, unlike us humans that are unable to do anything about the pain of our children, God can feel what we're going through AND do something about it. One of the greatest things God does is MEET US WHERE WE ARE. We see this in John 8:1-11 when Mary Magdalene was brought to the town square to be humiliated concerning her sin of adultery with a married man. Jesus could've waived his finger at her and pointed out her sin like everyone else, but instead he knelt down to the ground and wrote something in the dirt. She felt low in spirit, so he went lower in physical position. Instead of scolding Mary and calling out her faults, Jesus address her accusers. He called out the voices that were shouting "Die, adulterer!", he silenced them and overcame them with the power of his word. When the accusers were gone, Jesus looked Mary in the eye and said "I don't condemn you, now go and sin no more". 

Jesus did something about the pain and shame Mary was in. He used the power of his word to shut down the voices of condemnation and then set her free through his forgiveness and love. Many times our hope can be hi-jacked because the voices are speaking condemnation and death over us. Whether it's the voices of other people or in our own heads, the enemy will use which means he can to get his words of death and depression into our minds. However, beloved, Mary is just one example of many in the Bible where people were counted out, overlooked, and thrown away, but GOD SAW THEM. God met them right where they were. God SAW ME and still does and meets me right where I am. Even in times where I'd be over me, God says nope, "I'm coming to your level and I'm meeting you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE". You are no exception. May you use this story and scripture in John 8:1-11 to shutdown the voices the devil is using to hijack your hope in this season and know that God is not condemning you, but He's coming down to your level and to your situation ready to love you and free you through forgiveness. 

May your hope be in Jesus Christ,


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