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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Dealing With The Shame of Herpes

Shame is one of the many, many ugly children of deception. Shame points to you and says you ARE what you've done or you ARE what's happened to you. It gives you an identity and the problem with that is that you can't run away from yourself. It renames you and calls you your sin or your sickness. But, who is shame? Where does shame come from? Who gives shame THIS MUCH POWER in our lives?

When God created mankind, He said we (humans) are made in HIS image (Genesis 1:26). Therefore, God calls us image bearers. So, if there's anything naming us something other than image bearers of God, then it can't be from God. Shame came into the world the second after Adam committed the very first sin against God. He and his wife, Eve, ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and they experienced just that. They were now knowledgeable about evil things, including evil lies from the enemy that distorted how they viewed God and as a result, themselves as image bearers of God. God now becomes the opposer, the judge with no mercy and no forgiveness, so we become the opposed, never to receive mercy or forgiveness. NONE OF THIS LINES UP WITH THE WORD OF GOD! These lies are from the devil because he knows once we believe them that opens the door to shame and shame causes us to run from God (like Adam and Eve did,Genesis 3:8) instead of running to Him for our rescue. Remember, satan's only goal is to separate us from God, he will use whatever happens in our life to do that.

Society doesn't shame people for having sex, yet it shames people for getting sick from having sex. Most illnesses usually come with sympathy, but sexual illnesses and mental illnesses tend to be met with shame. This shame then renames people from image bearer of God to the situation they are dealing with. Shame becomes your ruler and you do whatever it tells you to do. It says run from God, you run. It says keep silent, you keep silent. It says isolate yourself, you isolate yourself. I know because I did all of this (and have to fight the temptation to do so today). I was trapped and bound in the sadness of my shame and had no escape.

But then God met me in my bedroom on January 2, 2012 and ripped every lie of that dirty devil to shreds and said HIS LOVE CONQUERS ALL! Jesus took my shame AND YOUR shame when He endured the cross (Hebrews 12:2). If Christ took all shame on the cross, why am I carrying it AGAIN?

It's time to stop listening to the lies distorting God and us as image bearers of God and instead go straight to the source of God's word and see what HE says about Himself and us.

Let's pray:

Lord Jesus, shame is not our portion because shame doesn't come from you. You said you are the giver of good and perfect gifts and shame is not good, therefore it is not of you and doesn't belong in us. We oppose the spirit of shame in Jesus name! We ignite every lie of satan with the fire of God telling us we're unloved by God or unforgivable, or irrepairable, damaged goods. The devil is a liar! Lord, freedom from shame can only be found in you, no where else can we get a new identity. You wash us clean and make us a new creature when we surrender our hearts to you and repent of our sin. Convict us of our sin God and redeem our lives. Give us new identities in your son Jesus Christ. May our new names be Loved, Forgiven, and Hopeful! In Jesus name I pray, amen!

May your hope be in Jesus Christ,



  1. Please pray God heals me from herpes, this is psychologically bothering me. Please pray for me.

    1. Amen, praise God for your prayer request. Please Check The Prayer Request tab for the prayer said for you!