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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Can God Heal ME?

God has been putting this question on my heart for a few days and I believe it's because one or many of you are thinking it: "I believe God can heal, but can He do it for ME?"

God healed me of herpes in 2013. I'd like to ask you a question: what's the difference between you and me?

Did God not create both of us in our mother's womb? Does His word not say that BOTH of us are made in HIS IMAGE? Does His word not say that He loved the WHOLE WORLD that He sent His only son to die for our sins, so whoever believes might be saved? Are you apart of this world? I'm apart of this world. And God says He took the cross for THE WORLD. So, God existing as three beings, but ONE God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), separated Himself (the Son) from Himself (The trinity) by taking on your sin and mine, carrying the cross and the weight of our evil, just so we can receive forgiveness and be cleansed by the blood that he shed. God did that FOR EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. No one is excluded, yet at the same time God's global love is equal to His individual love. This means if you were THE ONLY SINNER on this earth who's sins separated you from God, HE WOULD STILL TAKE THE CROSS, the agony, the pain, the weight so YOU could be reunited with Him.

So, do you really believe God would do all of this to pursue your heart and give you another chance to be one with Him, but when it comes to healing you, nope you don't qualify? This is FALSE and it is a lie from hell!!!

When sharing my testimony I say over and over we are healed by faith. Many of you already have more faith than I ever did because you found Herpes to Hope as you were looking for a way to be healed. I wasn't looking for God. I wasn't looking for healing. I didn't know I could be healed, I just believed what the doctor told me. So, if God could give me the gift of faith to believe His word of healing and totally turn my heart around and then in time heal me, HOW MUCH MORE is He willing to heal the one who already believes??!!!

Don't listen to the devil. Don't watch the clock of your healing. Simply believe and rest in what God says.

In John 20:29, Jesus says to one of his disciples, who didn't believe he rose from the dead until he saw it with his own eyes, he says: Thomas because you have seen me, you believe: blessed are they that have not seen me and yet they believe. I believe this is for every one of you that searched for God's ability to heal you without having heard any testimony that He can. God calls YOU BLESSED! That wasn't me, I believed when I heard it spoken, and that's okay too because the Bible also says in Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God. So whether you believed before hearing or believed once you read my testimony, either way let the faith in your heart BE YOUR HOPE! Don't let the enemy steal your hope. God didn't give you a gift of faith without a plan to use it, TRUST HIM my friend.

I love you so much and I truly pray the Holy Spirit does something in your life with this letter. For you and me Jesus died. For you and me HE ROSE. For you and me HE CAN HEAL.

May your hope be in Jesus Christ,



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