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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

God Feels Far And So Does Hope

How do we have hope when God feels far? If God is the source of our hope and He feels far, then hope feels far.

This is a feeling I've experience many times throughout my walk of faith, even now as I write this letter I'm coming out of a week of feeling distant from Jesus. I know I have a list of things to do, but I came to a fork in the road where the Holy Spirit was like "you can't do another thing until you get reconnected". How can we believe, hope, have faith, endure when we're disconnected or loosely connected to Christ who is the source of all those things?

It's funny because it's so easy to say God feels far, when that actually goes against the truth of His word. The Bible says God will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). It says when our mother and father forsake us, the Lord will take us up (Psalm 27:10). The Lord is our ROCK and fortress, our deliverer, our strength in who we trust (Psalm 18:2). All of these scriptures speak to the unmovable and present character of God. God doesn't drift away from us, He never moves. It's the circumstances of life, situations, distractions, etc that shift our attention and cause us to drift away from the Rock. When this happens, we not only grow distant from God, but the things of Him including hope. However, I thank God that He IS UNMOVABLE and He and His hope are always there waiting for our return.

It is God's ability to bring us back from the grey into the light that gives us hope. This is the evidence of His existence and the hope we gain each time can fuel our hope for the future concerning whatever we're trusting Him for.

So if you're feeling like God is far, so hope is far I'd like you to read the things that helped reverse that belief for me and maybe they can help you too:

1. Acknowledge the scriptures quoted above and declare the truth that God hasn't moved, but He's right where you left Him waiting for your return.

2. Search for Christian prayer instrumental music on Youtube and tell God how you feel. Tell Him you feel far and don't know why. Keep it real with casual language and put everything out on the table with how your mind feels.

3. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you why you feel this way. Ask questions like: What's going on with me? How did I get to this point of feeling so far? If I haven't been spending time with you, show me why I haven't. What's gotten in the way?

4. Listen to the music and wait to hear or feel what the Holy Spirit will say back. Rest and wait for the revelation.

5. Once you hear or feel a response, ask more questions if needed. If the answer is complete and eye opening, then ask God to help you in that area. Say: Help me to prioritize you (God) over whatever I allowed to take your place. Then praise Him: Thank Him for being unmovable. Thank Him for always being close. Thank Him for being the light that never goes out. Thank Him for hope.

Lord Jesus, I pray you draw my brother or sister near to you as they pause and take the time out to sit before you and take care of their spiritual health. In your name, Amen

May your hope be in Jesus Christ (The UNMOVABLE ROCK),


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