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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Who Is Your Hope For Healing In?

This week I've been studying the book of Esther and God gave me the greatest breakthrough in my current journey for hope and I pray it blesses you all and increases your hope as well.

To provide some context, the book of Esther in the Bible is about a young Jewish girl who was an orphan and under the care of her older cousin, Mordecai. During the time of Esther, the king of the land desired to find a new queen and launched a competition for all the women interested to enter. Esther entered and by God's grace and favor she was selected as the next queen. Now, one of the king's right hand men had a very evil heart and through a turn of events he wanted to commit genocide of the Jews. When Mordecai received word of this he was filled with sorrow and mourning. Mordecai sent a message to Esther telling her that she needs to go before the king and request for the Jews to be saved. Esther responded and told Mordecai the palace rule that no one can go before the king unless they are called. A person can be killed if the king doesn't accept them showing up on their own.

Now, this is the part I want to hone in on. Mordecai is a simple Jewish man, with no political power or influence. A decree has gone out that he and every single Jewish person in the land will be slaughtered by an army of soldiers soon to come. All men, women, and children have been ordered to be killed. This is an entire nation. Mordecai has no power, however he has cousin who is the QUEEN, married to the KING who has ALL POWER. In a sense, one would rationalize that Esther is his only hope. After Esther responds about the palace rule Mordecai says this (Esther 4:14):

For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance WILL arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

In spite of this great travesty that's about to hit Mordecai's entire nation and his cousin being his only political connection to overturn the decree, Mordecai's faith WAS NOT in Esther. He didn't know how and he didn't know from where, but He believed that God WILL bring their rescue from somewhere else if she decides not to help. God was the source of Mordecai's hope and faith. He believed God could use Esther, but ultimately his hope wasn't IN Esther. If it was, then he would've been distraught when she said she can't. Instead he stood firm and said God WILL do it another way. This word shook me to my core. I have been putting my hope in some Esthers this season and when they say no I'm let down and discouraged. God had to wake me up and show me if Mordecai can trust God with the lives of an entire nation, then what is whatever I'm trusting God for compared to that? I had to take my eyes off Esther and say God if you don't use Esther, you WILL come through another way and that has increased my hope and rocketed my peace in so many ways.

If you're waiting for healing, what's your Esther been? Have been putting your hope in a certain date you want to be healed by? Or a specific church you think you have to go to be healed? Or a specific person praying over you? Stop placing your hope in your Esther my friend. If you believe today you will be healed or after a person prays for you it's going to happen and it doesn't, don't be let down. Pray for Mordecai faith and say it may not have come today or through this way, but God I believe YOU that it will come another way. Then trust it, and let it go.

May your hope be in JESUS CHRIST,


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  1. This was so encouraging, thank you very much. I'm very grateful to have people who are in tuned with God who can pray for people in need. God bless you.