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Thursday, May 7, 2020

God Hasn't Left You

 When the shock of life hits and it seems like darkness is flooding in all around, it can seem like God is no where in sight. Some people feel as if God doesn't care or that what they've done is so horrible that God has left them. I believed the latter when I was diagnosed with herpes in 2011. I had no truth to teach me or tell me otherwise. I believed God's love and attention came from being "good" and when I really, REALLY messed up then that was it, His presence in my life was cut off. That's kind of how people are. Everyone has a tolerance threshold and once that mark is passed, they say enough is enough and you're not worth my love any more. I took human behavior and applied it to God. That was my first wrong move. The Bible says in Numbers 23:19 God IS NOT A MAN, that should lie; he is NOT A HUMAN, that he should change his mind. I placed God into the box of how others have treated me and how I treated others. God makes it clear, He is not us or like us. He is God, higher and greater than any being we've encountered on this earth. His is ACTUAL goodness and because we know so much hurt, it's hard to believe actual goodness when we see it. Believe it or not, God hasn't left you.

Before contracting herpes I didn't live for God, but even though my life wasn't surrendered I still believed I could at least pray to Him when I needed Him most and believed He would hear me. There was some level of hope in believing I could at least talk to Him because He was there. However, after contracting herpes for the first time in my life I thought God left me. There was no way He wanted to be around me. That lie the enemy planted in my mind, left me in so much gloom. 

If this is where you are and what you're experiencing, I want to interrupt that lie right now! Long before you were born, God wrote words and promises to you in the Bible. As mentioned earlier, God is not like people, HE DOESN'T LIE, so we can trust that His words below are TRUE:

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I AM WITH YOU, be not dismayed, for I am you God

Joshua 1:5 ...As I was with Moses, I WILL BE WITH YOU: I will not fail you, nor forsake you

John 14:18 I will NOT LEAVE you comfortless: I will come to you

Hebrews 13:5 ..For He (God) says I will NEVER LEAVE you, no forsake you

These are just a FEW scriptures that highlight God's promise to not leave us. His presence is not measured by what He does (or doesn't do), but rather by WHO HE IS. And John 1:1 says that God IS HIS WORD. So if His word says He's with you and won't leave you, then that's who He is. I encourage you to stop comparing God to humans and how quickly they are to desert you. God IS NOT human, He KEEPS HIS WORD. Cling to this truth. Anytime you feel overwhelmed with thoughts of God leaving you, reference the scriptures above. Speak God's truth! Remember God is not a feeling or bound to our circumstances, His character is His word. Life might be going left, but I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU says the Lord. You might not feel Him, but I AM WITH YOU says the Lord. Rest in God's truth beloved. Rest in God's truth.

May your hope be in Jesus Christ,


TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW: Have you ever felt like God has left you? Which one of these scriptures resonate with you the most?

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